Ok everyone – you must get the free PhotoSynth app for your iphone (don’t know if they have it for Droid).  It is a totally super easy to use app and the results are pretty cool.  I did not use it as much as I should have, but I’ll continue to add new panoramas to the collection! It was a bit dry and these pictures a little brown around the edges.

Click on the image, hold down the left mouse button and move it around to scroll through the panorama. Click on the “Full Screen” view – it actually has better resolution.

Cruz Bay – Beach Bar and Ferry Dock

I took this panorama while sitting under the nice tree right in front of the Beach Bar. The food here is surprisingly good, they have live music and this is one of the few “dog friendly” spots on St. John. It’s fun chilling out and watching the dogs run around. The ferry boats coming and going are also quite entertaining.


Hawksnest is the first National Park beach you come to on your way from town. It has quite a few picnic tables located right off of the parking lot. We like to buy a lunch to go from Deli Grotto, Uncle Joe’s BBQ or Sun Dog and take the 5 min drive to Hawksnest and grab a picnic table for an awesome easy picnic.

Jumbie Beach

Jumbie is a small beach located just before you get to Trunk Bay. It only has 8 or so parking spaces on the road which keeps the beach nice and quiet. It’s a short walk, about 320′ from the roadway and is a nice combo of shade and sunny beach with plenty of spots to drop your beach chairs, read a book and relax. You can swim around the eastern point and be in Trunk Bay! No facilities though…

Trunk Bay from the overlook

I shot this from the Trunk Bay Overlook – which is the “money shot” of St. John. Take a look, and it’s easy to see why.

Trunk Bay does have an admission fee (the only one) – but it also has the most developed facilities, restaurant and gift shop right by the beach.

Maho Bay from the overlook

Maho Bay (and Francis Bay) are seen here from the overlook. If you look to the far right of the panorama, Apito is just over the third hump almost directly above the road.

View of St. Thomas Airport

Ok – if you rented a car on St. Thomas and find yourself with extra time, DON’T take the left into the airport… keep driving. You’ll go through the University of the Virgin Islands then pass Brewer’s Bay on your left (which is also a laid back beach for chillin). There is usually a truck parked on the road selling awesome empanada’s stuffed with spiced chicken, veggies, potatoes, salted fish etc. If you have even more time, keep driving and go up the hill for a few miles and you’ll eventually see a well marked turn out on your left with room for several cars with benches and the view is AWESOME! That is where I was sitting when I captured this panorama. If you have the ability to zoom in, you’ll see a big jet on its’ approach to St. Thomas and a megayacht in Brewer’s Bay.